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Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Itsy Bitsy Brown

Teeny spider traversing a bumpy landscape of tree bark.



Blogger CK-II said...

Nice catch! Happy WW! :)

June 24, 2008 10:42 PM  
Blogger Pamela said...

When I was a kid I called them Daddy Long Legs. Now I find that isn't the right name at all.

But go away spider whatever you are called. (;

June 24, 2008 10:54 PM  
Anonymous Angie said...

Great shot. Personally, I wouldn't look that close for a spider...:)
Happy WW!

June 24, 2008 11:48 PM  
Anonymous June said...

Nicely done!

June 25, 2008 2:48 AM  
Anonymous Urban Thought said...

WoW... Excellent photo...

Happy WW!

June 25, 2008 4:51 AM  
Anonymous Toni said...

Great shot.

June 25, 2008 5:44 AM  
Blogger Sheila said...

Okay...spiders really gross me out, but that is a great shot! I'm pretty sure I won't be looking for any spiders to be taking pictures of!

June 25, 2008 7:25 AM  
Blogger crackerjacksMO said...

Great Photo, although I am no fan of spiders.

June 25, 2008 8:06 AM  
OpenID keithsimages said...

ooo-er! A bit close for comfort

June 25, 2008 8:47 AM  

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